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How to treat a husband that cheated

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But regardless of the different needs you and your husband may have, your husband has violated your trust. You have every right to be hurt, upset and angry with him. Given that your husband seems reluctant to do this, it might be wise to consider counseling. If not dealt with effectively, your feelings, rather than subside, may become more intense and influence other aspects of your relationship. Most How to treat a husband that cheated lack the communication skills necessary to deal with such problems—so it helps to get professional help How to treat a husband that cheated it is needed. People who have been hurt and betrayed have an Naughty women in worcester need to feel in control.

After all, if you can somehow gain control of the situation, you can protect your self from being harmed again. Not only do people want to feel in control, but they also want their partners to understand their pain. People think that if their partners truly understood the pain they caused, they would never act that way again. This desire to be in control and to be understood, however, often gets expressed in counterproductive ways. People who have been hurt are often overly inquisitive, accusatory and display a lot of negative emotions. Unfortunately, such behavior typically pushes partners further away—it leads to less intimacy and more secrecy, lying and deception see when lovers lie.

The trick is to express your feelings in such a way that your husband can empathize with your point of view rather than turn away see talk about problems. If you can do this, it will make it easier for you and your husband to work through this issue. But, again this is not fair—it places a lot of responsibility on you to make things work. Finally, it is normal to want to seek revenge by exposing the other woman. However, we strongly discourage you from doing so. If you act on your desire to get even by telling her husband or her employer, it will most likely will come back to haunt you in the long run.

If you are trying to repair your relationship with your husband, doing something that could impact how people see him at work is probably not very useful. Moreover, you do not know how she may respond. If you hurt her, she may find a way to hurt you back. These types of situation can quickly get out of control. Time and Space You need to take some time to process what has happened and what your husband has told you about the affair.

I am having a difficult time dealing with my husband’s cheating

If you have children and don't want to disrupt their lives until it is absolutely necessary, ask him to sleep in another room. If you don't have kids to consider, or you just can't bear to be under the same roof as him, ask him to leave. He is the guilty party here, so he should be the one to go elsewhere and give you some space to work out whether you want to try to save the marriage. Don't put any pressure on yourself to make a quick decision about the future of your relationship. What you choose to do will affect the rest of your life, your happiness, and emotional and mental health.

It's not a decision that should be made in haste. Put Yourself First The last thing you should do is blame yourself for your husband's affair, warns Dr.

Even if you may have contributed in some way to the deterioration of your relationship, you are not to blame for his tthat of betrayal. Decide whether you can move on from the betrayal. Consider what is right for your children, but put your own happiness and self worth first. Professional Help Many couples manage to recover from an affair with the help of a marital therapist or couples counselor. If you are both committed to do whatever is necessary to heal the wounds and create a happier, healthier union, it is possible to save a marriage after an affair, says Dr.